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Skatepark with Bowls and Street
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

I'm talking Puerto Rico, not Costa Rica

Fairly simple I suppose, but then again so many people have misunderstood me when I tell them where I have been working lately.  Perhaps it's my poor Spanish.  Then again, I know it is not.
OK let me translate it into English, rich port.
Where is this rich port I write about?  Puerto Rico is comprised of a small group of islands lying between the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans.  The main and by far the largest island is 100 by 35 miles, and has a population of about four million.
A journey by car will take you roughly three hours, without traffic, from east to west. 
PR is a land of contradictions.  It is part of the United States, but is not a state, and Spanish, not English, is the primary language.  Puerto Rico uses the US dollar, and prices are similar to the US, but people in PR on average earn a lot less.  Having traveled quite a bit, I find subtle similarities between the US and PR, but Puerto Rico is nothing like my home in the Pacific Northwest.   Quite frankly, I find parts of Puerto Rican culture quite foreign, a lot more so than many other counties I have visitied.  Perhaps, this is part of the the reason Puerto Ricans consider PR its own country (so does the UN and the Olympics).   Baseball happens to be their number one sport, while Dominos is a favorite past-time.
If you are planning to visit PR, be prepared to sweat.  I know I have felt hotter, but I have never sweated so much in my life (It's the humidity.)  You can drink a half gallon (two liters) of water at work, and it all comes out your pores.  It's almost amazing.
My home state of Oregon has a reputation for rain, but in PR, when it rains it pours.  This generally occurs in the afternoons. Though I don't recommend packing rain gear for a trip to PR, be prepared for warm tropical downpours, especially in the "spring and summer."  It's not unpleasant and shouldn't hamper your fun.

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Stapelbädds Aguadilla, PR CB, Oregon Avesta, SWE Seaside, OR Past projects
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