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Geri's bowl
Cannon Beach, Oregon

A Park Renewed

This is the second time I have had the opportunity to remodel an existing skatepark. In both cases it meant removing the old structures and replacing them with a fresh design and layer of concrete.

In this case. the old Cannon Beach was the skatepark that I always heard about during school. The one that on first arrival was wet and the one that on receiving my drivers license was on the top of our list for destinations to skate. That was twenty years ago.

The park was in desperate need of a face lift and thanks to the city, the skatepark community and a state parks grant it got just that.

The new park has a variety of features placed in 6,000 square feet. The 4 - 7 foot deep bowl has a banked wall, taco, escalators and pool coping in the deep-end. The street area includes a curb quarter pipe, banked wall with curb, flat rail, hubba ledge, punk wall and a neo fun box. Also, note the fancy fence and wall, which are some of the extras that the Cannon Beach Design and Review Board expect.


Basically the park was set up for local youth as well as younger skaters passing through while on a family holiday. It also serves to complement the other two parks in the county, Astoria and Seaside.

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Stapelbädds Aguadilla, PR CB Oregon Avesta, SWE Seaside, OR Past projects
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