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Skateboard Street Plaza

Having been a part of many of the major skatepark projects in Oregon, I sometimes feel that building another would be just that, another. Ken Worcester and Ken Warner of the West Linn Parks department gave me the opportunity to build something new and different in Robinwood Park "not another world class facility," but something for the local kids who are too young for or intimidated by the present large park. Don't get me wrong, I love the bio bowls and could use more close to home, but we have to remember that most of our big parks have been funded by a local or regional tax base. We need to represent the interests of all skaters. Parks Department Representatives from Aumsville and Newberg will tell you that they too are considering something additional in smaller facilities for those who are either at entry level or who still want to find a convenient practice fieldto learn a new trick or have fun. For a small price tag, as at Robinwood, it is possible to have many such parks spread out within an urban community. Then skateboarding reaches an even wider audience. This in turn will promote more skateparks as our population and appeal grows.

Yes, this whole skatepark renaissance thing has blown the roof off of a passion that was once underground. Skateboarding has become mainstream. We skateboarders of the Pacific Northwest are spoiled by our many fine facilities, yet there remains room for more. You'll find more frequent use of the skateboarder-designed and built parks than of most other structures the city parks departments have provided. As far as I'm concerned, bring on more mini-concrete parks. Bring a new generation into the sport.


Stapelbädds Aguadilla, PR CB, Oregon Robinwood Seaside Past projects
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